Biodiesel Plant Safety | Biodiesel Production Safety Guidelines

Biodiesel Plant Safety should be the first priority. By using a process safety management (PSM) program, which includes a hazardous operations review, companies can ensure safety in their plants. A PSM program must be used if more than 10,000 pounds (1,517 gallons) of methanol is present in a manufacturing facility. This is found under the code of federal regulations 29 under CFR 1910.119 e.


Each facility must be evaluated for possible hazards that could be encountered during standard operations, power ups, shut down, and stand byes. The report must be prepared by an experienced company in conjunction with the facility’s operations staff. Every piece of equipment and each operation should be analyzed in detail to meet PSM standards. The first step should ensure that each piece of equipment is safely running during normal operations. The next two steps are similar reviews for start-up and shut down procedures. The following step requires a review of equipment while the plant stands idle, with or without process fluids present. Finally, a review of proper procedures for mechanical and electrical work in the plant during operation and down time. Equipment should also be inspected as individual elements, to ensure that all electrical and mechanical components are functioning properly. Find more information here